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Canada 7, Russia 3; Now I am a Fan of Hockey

I guess tonight’s hockey game was momentous for Canadians. It was explained to me that this was the first game they have played against each other in a long, long time. And, more importantly Canada needed to win this after losing to the Americans the other night. It was one of the most exciting games I have seen; largely because it was such a high scoring game. Here are a few photos from the game:


A very Canadian Podium Jersey (from the Sydney Olympics, no less) and a VERY Canadian beer.



McGregor doesn’t seem to be into it…


The sweet looking dog let one loose. Stinky!



Sadly I didn’t get any goals during a goal, I was too busy gripping the side of the couch.


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Meredith - What great pictures! I love it. Dan and Kevin look very cute in their outfits. You must have felt very Canadian! I saw the medals being awarded this afternoon at the gym, and some dude there was all happy that Canada had won. I was happy too. Canada deserves it! Go Canada!

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