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From the Phone

Well, I don’t think I’ve posted many photos taken with my iPhone here on the blog (mostly because 99.9% of the photos on my iphone are of my dog and would probably bore you), but on this last trip to California and Arizona I actually pulled out my camera few times, so I thought I would share some (non-dog) photos with you from the trip. I also am loving iphone photos more since discovering VSCO’s app (and Lightroom presets).

So here is a week in review from my phone!

I spent a lot of time flying on this trip!

But it was worth it to get to places like this:

And getting to drive my sister’s convertible across the Golden gate was also pretty awesome.

And getting to drive around town with my little brother was fun too!

And getting to hang out with my cousin’s brand new babies in Arizona was a delight:

You can always find more photos on my Instagram feed (@jhphoto), or follow me on Twitter. Oh and Happy Fourth, or as I heard on the radio here today “Happy Canada Day to America!”



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