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summer will be here before you know it

Time flies and summer, and the ensuing wedding season will be here soon. Just this morning I bought two plane tickets and am I working out the details for another. I am really excited for all that 2012 has in store and I still have a few more spots open for some more fun. If you are getting married in the Victoria/Vancouver region or the Bay Area of California (this includes pretty much anywhere from Santa Cruz to Napa to Sacramento), I would love to hear from you! As of now my availability for the year is:


  • January – CLOSED – this shouldn’t be surprising
  • February – One spot available
  • March – Two spots available
  • April – One spot available
  • May – Two spots available
  • June – Three spots available – did you know there are FIVE Saturdays this year in June!
  • July – Two spots available
  • August – Two spots available (maybe only one)
  • September – Three spots available (maybe only two)
  • October – Two spots available
  • November – One spot available
  • December – CLOSED


Also, to anyone planning a wedding please check out these awesome (and totally FREE) spreadsheets that the awesome ladies at Lowe House Creative and A Practical Wedding have put together. Also, if you are looking for sane wedding advice you should check out A Practical Weddings site in general. They have some great vendor recommendations and Meg, who runs the blog, also just published a book (which I have ordered). She just released these shareable ads today, which I found highly amusing. This one was my fave:


And if you are getting married in California and really want to stay super sane on your wedding day hire Elizabeth from Lowe House Creative. She is a no nonsense gal who knows how to throw a killer party (I worked with her at Anita and Wayne’s wedding last summer).

One last note, I do have a separate calendar for non-wedding shoots, so please get in touch if you are interested.


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