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Matt and Katie Workshop

About two weeks ago I took a workshop with two awesome photographers – and great teachers – Matt and Katie. This two could not be more down to earth sincere people if they tried and I learned a hell of a lot from them! As wedding season starts to wind down I will be putting into practice a BUNCH of things they went over and I know I will be a happier, less stressed business owner as a result. You can expect to see some changes to my website and blog coming along in the next few months!

Meeting these two also proved to me that the world is indeed a small place. These two hail from a small town outside of Brisbane and it turns out I actually know someone else from the same town! While living in Japan I became friends with a woman that attended the same Church as Katie.

Though most of the workshop went over everything else other than shooting (there is a lot to do when you run your own business and shooting is only about 15% of what I do), we did have a chance to do a short shoot one afternoon, to go over some of the shooting tips that Matt and Katie outlined. Here are a few shots from the day, and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the vendors that donated their talents and time to make this come together.

So thank  you first and foremost to our models, as well as


Though not “professional” models, Matt and Katie are ridiculously good looking and couldn’t help but get in front of the camera.


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Unsure - Hi there, I’m thinking of attending one of their workshops but the price is really scaring me off! Could you tell me how you’re coping a few months after the workshop? Has your business really improved a lot?

Lara - I love that black and white shot of Stephanie in the studio. So cool.

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