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The Last Few Days…..

…..have been super busy. But also, a whole lot of fun. Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been up to:


"Victoria Pet Photography"

You can actually see more photos from this session here.


"Victoria Wedding PHotography"

Thanks to Brian Van Wyk, here is what I look like in action (and this position would explain why my thighs, calves and bum are all super sore today):


"Victoria Engagemnet Photography"

And again on Sunday:

"Victoria Wedding Photography"

All this means that poor Charlie spent a lot of time alone, which I think made him a bit sad (or maybe he just slept a lot):

"Victoria Pet Photography"

Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed tuned for more photos coming soon!


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Kristi Vegt - Super excited for E&C pics… love your work…

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